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How to Cook a Steak

Steak is an Australian favourite and for good reason. With some of the highest quality beef in the world Australians are spoiled with gourmet quality steak, however only a proper cooking technique can capitalise on this quality and produce deliciously tender and juicy slice of beef. How you like your steak prepared is personal preference, but for richest flavour professional chefs typically recommend medium-rare. Below you can find a table detailing the differences between preparations.

Doneness : Blue

Looks Like : Deep Red Centre

Tastes Like : Seared tasty crust with a very bloody and almost raw centre. Suited to only the most carnivorous.

Feels Like : Blue is a very chewy cut as the centre is essentially raw, typically still cool in the centre.

Internal Temperature : 15-35°C

Doneness : Rare

Looks Like : Warm Red Centre

Tastes Like : Tasty and strong beef flavour, lean tasting as fats haven’t had adequate time to melt and distribute throughout the steak.

Feels Like : Fatty steaks can be tougher but low-fat steaks are tender and extremely moist

Internal Temperature : 35-49°C

Doneness : Medium Rare

Looks Like : Bright Pink Centre

Tastes Like : Buttery centre with a delicious rich beefy flavour. The cooking style served as standard by most professional steakhouses

Feels Like : Tender and juicy with lots of moisture

Internal Temperature : 57-62°C

Doneness : Medium

Looks Like : Warm Pink Centre

Tastes Like : Almost the same flavour profile as medium rare but just less juicy

Feels Like : Still tender but starting to lose moisture content and become drier

Internal Temperature : 62-69°C

Doneness : Medium Well

Looks Like : Slightly Pink Centre

Tastes Like : Starting to lose rich beefy flavour and become duller. Good for those that don’t enjoy bloody cuts of meat.

Feels Like : Dry but still somewhat tender

Internal Temperature : 69-76°C

Doneness : Well Done

Looks Like : No Pink or Slight Blush

Tastes Like : Muted flavour profile compared to other levels of cooking. Some would say this is over cooked rather than well done.

Feels Like : Dry and tough

Internal Temperature : 76°C +

Once you have chosen how you like your steak cooked you can begin, but one more choice needs to be made. What will you cook it on, grill or griddle? On the griddle a steak gains a smokier flavour with thin strips of hatched crust on the surface. On a grill the steak can baste in its own juices, typically being moister than the griddled steak. Now onto the fun bit.

  • Bring your steak to room temperature and generously slather with olive oil, salt, and black pepper.
  • Turn on your BBQ or hot plate on high and bring up to temperature.
  • Place down your steak gently and cook, turning when a thick crust has developed on the hot side. Cook until the centre reaches the temperature of the doneness you would like, alternatively you can cook according to feel. A guide to cook steak based on feeling can be found here. 
  • Take your steak off the heat and leave to rest for 5 – 10 minutes before serving.

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